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Spain Visa Interview Questions and Answers

What Is The Purpose Of A Visa Interview? 

A Schengen interview is an in-person interview between the visa applicant and the consulate employee. The purpose of the interview is mainly to assess the application and determine if the applicant is deserving of the Schengen visa. 

During your interview, the embassy/consulate employee will determine the following: 

  • That you are traveling for reasons stipulated in your visa application 
  • That you can sustain yourself financially during your trip 
  • You have good character 
  • You have a clean criminal record and have no previous offenses, proving that you are a law-abiding citizen 
  • Check that you do not plan to overextend your visa period or permanently stay in one of the Schengen areas. 

These points mentioned above are only guidelines and are not the only aspects under evaluation for a Schengen visa. If you want to know more about the purpose of the Schengen interview, contact your nearest embassy of your Schengen country for more information. 

Pre-Study Background Questions: –  

  • Why Did You Choose Spain? Link
  • Why Have You Chosen This Course? Link
  • Why Did You Choose This Particular College/University? Link
  • What is the college’s fee? (in your offer letter)
  • Where is your college located? (Av. del Racó, 27, 46400, Cullera, València (SPAIN))
  • Why this gap? Your gap cover

While –studying Background Questions: – 

  • How long will you stay in Spain? 
  • What is the length of your visa? 
  • What type of visa will you be issued? 
  • Will you be visiting someone, and if so, who? 
  • Are you traveling with a companion? 
  • Are you planning to visit more than one country in the Schengen area? 
  • Have you traveled to the country before? 
  • Have you ever traveled to Europe before? 
  • Where will you stay in Spain? 

Personal Background Questions: – 

  • Are you a student? 
  • What is your educational background? 
  • Where did you study? 
  • Where do you work, and what does your job entail? 
  • Do you have any children? 
  • Where do you currently live? 
  • Are you married or in a relationship? 
  • Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime? 

Financial Background Questions:- 

  • How Are You Planning to Finance Your Studies? A bank statement for fee, annual income for living cost
  • Can you show me your bank statement? 
  • What is the annual income of your parents? 
  • How much did you earn during your work? 
  • Have you paid all the income tax? 

Health Background Questions:- 

  • Have you covered your health insurance? 
  • From which company and amount? 

Post-Study Background Questions:- 

  • When do you plan to return? After course completion
  • Do you plan to pursue master’s or doctoral studies in Spain after your diploma, bachelor’s, masters? -No immediate return
  • What are your future plans? Link
  • How does this course help in your future plan? Link 1, Link 2, or your own business
  • What is your long-term goal? Link 1, Link 2, or your own business

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